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definitions of gold related words

Word Explanation
1 Metallurgy It is a technology of extracting metal by chemical methods, to extract metals from the mineral ores. Sometimes, they are called alchemy too.
2 Refining It is a process of removing impurtities in the gold by two most common methods which are Miller process and Wohlwill process.
3 Smelting It is the process of extracting metal from ore by using high pressure, heat and chemicals. Smelting gold involves high-technology and high cost tools to perform.
4 Bullion Bullion is physical gold, silver or other precious metals in the form of bars, ingots or specialized coins that is said to maintain its value.
5 LBMA LBMA is London Bullion Market Association. An international trade association representing the global bullion market and defines itself as “global authority on precious metals”.
6 Yellow gold (jewellery) Yellow gold is the purest form in gold and for jewellery, it is made into alloy which contains pure gold, zinc and copper.
7 White gold (jewellery) White gold is an alloy that mixed with palladium or nickel to give the colour silver or platinum.
8 Rose gold (jewellery) Rose gold is an alloy that mixed with approximately 25% of copper which gives the pinkish colour. Sometimes, known as pink gold.
9 Karat It is a gold measurement. It measures the fineness (purity) of gold. It is spelled Carat outside of United States.
10 Alloy Alloy is an admixture of metal or a metal combined with one or more elements. For example, gold and copper produces yellow gold.
11 Troy ounce Troy ounce is a unit of measure used to weighing precious metals that dates back to old days. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1g.
12 Aqua regia A yellow-orange fuming liquid that can dessolve the moble metal gold and platinum. It is used to dissolved gold which used in industrial products such as circuit boards.
13 Aurum Gold is a chemical element with the symbol which comes from Latin word “aurum”. Au seal maybe found in some white gold jewelleries.
14 Dinar The modern Islamic gold dinar is a projected bullion coin and first issued in AH 77. The wieght of the dinar is 1 mithqal (4.25 grams).
15 Precious metal Precious metals are rare, naturally occuring metallic chemical of high economic value. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium each have an ISO 4217 currency code.
16 Gold tooth Gold tooth is a form of dental prosthesis where the vissible part of tooth is replaced with a prosthetic molded from gold.
17 Gold plated Gold plated means jewellery made of a base metal such as copper or silver that has a very thin layer of gold applied to the top.
18 Gold Filled Gold filled means jewellery is made by taking one or more sheets of solid gold and wrapped them around a base metal inder intense pressure.
19 Vermeil It means gold plated sterling silver or fine silver, It is regular old plating except the underlying metal is silver instead of a base metal.
20 Nugget It is gold fragment weathered out of an original lode. Nuggets are usually K20 to K22 in purity

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