Why you should AVOID STONE studded jewellery ?




Plain gold vs. stone studded jewellery

Avoid stone-studded jewellery: Do you find jewellery studded with precious or semi-precious stones prettier than a simple gold piece? Then you should know that you are paying more than it is worth. Firstly, it is difficult to check the purity of the stones embedded in the gold. Next, you should always check the exact net gold weight before buying the stone jewellery.

You don’t want to get cheated while buying gold. So, always ask for the breakup for the net gold and the stones/enamel etc… If a piece of jewellery weighs 10gm, out of which 2.5gm is stone, you should know about it and then pay accordingly.

Also, since jewellery studded with stones requires intricate patterns and designs, you may have to pay more as making charges.

When you want to sell the jewellery, you will have to forego both the cost of the semi-precious stones as well as the making charges.

Though you may never want to sell the jewellery that you bought for yourself or have got as a gift, it is prudent to know its RESALE VALUE. This can come handy if you want to exchange a piece for a better design or want to sell it for CASH in case of an emergency.


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