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common types of gold purity

What is gold karat?

It refers to the gold’s purity level.

1) 24K gold is 99% pure, similarly 22K gold is 91.6 % suitable for jewelry.
 dividing the karat number of your jewellery by 24. divide 22 by 24. You have 0.916. And multiplied by 100 is equal to 91.6% gold content.
3) commonly known as 916 gold.
4) 22k gold jewellery are stamped as 916 hallmark.

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In this page, you can get the accurate Gold Buy Back Rate Today, Old Gold Price in Chennai of Old Gold Buying/Selling rates, 24K Old Gold (99.9%) 7400 22K (916) 6400 per gram Gold Price  with clear data updated daily in Chennai.

24K, 22K- Gold, Silver, Platinum, old gold rate today 1 gram 24k: ₹7400, 22k: ₹6400, 18k: ₹5200, updated on 17/Apr/2024
Daily Gold Price in Chennai is updated here, watch this current Chennai  Gold Price before selling your Gold Jewellery.
For Instance 24K Gold is 99.9% pure and always costs higher than 22 CARAT Gold rate and 24 KARAT Pure Gold would fetch you a higher price.

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The Indian Bullion Jewellers Association or the IBJA as it is known plays a key role in determining day to day gold rates in the country.

IBJA IBJA members include the biggest gold dealers in the country, who have a collective hand in establishing prices.
There are factors that influence the gold rates in Chennai – like interest rates, demand for gold, government policies and local factors.

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