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GOLD MAX – An Authentic Place To Get Cash For Gold in Chennai, If you have broken or unused gold or scrap gold , gold coin , gold jewellery lying in one corner of your cupboard just gathering dust, why not sell your idle gold for cash and use the money for your immediate needs. By selling gold coins , scrap gold or broken gold to gold buyers like GOLDMAX, you can obtain express cash for gold effortlessly. In as much as this is the easiest way to get exchange cash when you need it the most and you can even get / exchange cash for unwanted or OLD GOLD JEWELLERY. Walk away with cash in your hand in a matter of minutes. 

Why To Sell Your Second Hand Gold Items at GOLDMAX?

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Right assessment for your used gold whether you want to sell your gold , OLD gold, pledged gold, broken gold, damaged gold or gold jewellery in any other form and get the best resale value.
Any Gold Coins ,
Silver Coins,    
Platinum Jewellery
Irrespective of the form of gold, be it broken gold, scrap gold, damaged gold or gold coins and jewellery considering, GOLDMAX will buy it and you will instantly get cash for gold!

SELL Your Gold Coins for Cash in chennai  

Obtain :: EXPRESS CASH :: by selling your gold, diamonds, platinum, silver . Simplest way to selling your gold with our certified professionals who offer the right assessment.

How to Sell your Gold Coins – Broken Gold 
By selling scrap gold or broken gold to GOLDMAX, you can get cash for gold effortlessly when you need it the most and you can even get cash for unwanted or OLd gold.

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We have been in business for over 20 years and have earned our customers trust.

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We have processed more than 200,000 Sale proceedings for our customers and helped them to get instant cash for gold.

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 GOLDMAX shop location is convieniently loacted in CHENNAI most popular suburbs Purasawalkam


Generally the gold content  assessed at the outset by identifying the hallmark, moreover a number marked on your jewellery that indicates what the gold content is.

In comparison to 24 carat gold has the highest gold content and 8 carat has the lowest.

Moreover if we cannot find a mark, we will test your gold to find out the gold purity content.


Precious metals are internationally traded commodities. Their prices, known as spot prices,  determined by the supply and demand on global markets regularly.


Hence the prices we pay derived from these markets, so when global prices change, our do too.



Gold Max Gold Coin Buy Back Price

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We Buy Gold Coins

At GOLDMAX, we are happy to receive your old gold coins and unused second-hand jewelry in exchange for immediate cash. We accept various forms of gold, including broken, scrap, damaged gold, as well as gold coins and jewelry. We BUY GOLD COIN regardless of the condition or type of gold, such as platinum or silver, we will purchase it from you, ensuring you receive instant cash in return.

How to Sell Gold coins for cash