Zakat Calculator for Gold in India

Zakat is a pillar of Islam whereby one needs to pay 2.5% of their total savings and wealth.

Your compulsory Zakat payment includes Zakat on Gold.

Therefore, the Zakat you need to pay on the Gold you own is 2.5% of its value.

Nisab on Gold

If you don’t own much gold, you may not need to pay Zakat on gold.

The Nisab is the minimum amount of wealth a Muslim must possess before they become eligible to pay zakat. This amount is often referred to as the nisab threshold. Gold and silver are the two values used to calculate the nisab threshold. The Nisab on gold is 87.48 grams & Nisab on Silver is 612.36 grams – so if you own less than that, you may not need to pay Zakat on gold.

How to calculate gold zakat

A gram of 22k gold costs around Rs.5850. (25.03.2024)

That means that the Zakat on gold which you need to pay is: 145 per Gram, 1160 per sovereign.

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