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Gold for Sale

Would you like to sale used gold?

You won’t be able to sale old gold at the current rate. Generally speaking, the old gold rate in Chennai is Rs. 65 per gramme less than the current gold price. Depending entirely on the state of the local market, it could occasionally stay in the range of Rs. 60–120 or even exceed that on unusual days when there is little demand. It is beyond our control.

We have made it our goal to offer our consumers the best price possible, and we continue to do so after 16 years in business. Regardless of the price differential, we can offer the best price in Chennai when compared to other providers

We are able to offer the best price in Chennai with 100 percent transparency when compared to all others, regardless of the difference in price. since our daily gold buying rates are displayed LIVE IN OUR WEBSITE the Price you see is the Price we Buy ! there is No Other Buyer in Chennai has such transparency to quote the exact price they Buy! Because of this straight forward deals our clients simply adore us.

Old gold prices fluctuate every day, sometimes even twice a day. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re prepared to sale old gold. When you visit our store in the end, we will give you a price that is higher than all the other places you visited. You can check and assess the final price with several gold buying firms. We firmly guarantee it.
You can find the best price to sale your gold by comparing GoldMax Chennai’s price with those of other gold purchasing firms.