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Companies that Buy your old Gold for Cash

Top Companies that BUY Old Gold for Cash

When you choose the best gold buyers in Chennai to sell your used or old gold, specific procedures are carried out in accordance with the norms of the certified gold company. Therefore, when you want to sell them, pick gold buyers who are honest and uphold business ethics. Also, look for competence and a solid reputation in the market so that you can always be sure to receive the greatest price when selling gold.

The benefits of selling your gold to professional gold buyers are as follows:

  • Gold buying companies might either pay you in cash or credit your account of your sale proceedings.
  • The weight of stone/enamel/beads and other non-gold items are removed to calculate the exact gold weight.
  • Gold buying companies will deduct their service charges and pay you based on the current gold rates.
  • They use scientific XRF gold testing machine to check the purity of gold.

Gold Buy Back Rates

Before you sell your gold in Chennai, it is important to find out about the gold prices. Find the rate for 24k and 22 karat gold, the reputation of the buyer, and testing methods of your gold ornament.

100% Transparency

Goldmax provides a 100% transparent way to sell your old gold and get cash instantly. The entire procedure is carried out in front of you, including XRF scientific testing for precise gold purity quickly and accurately, and removing stones/beads etc.,with no hidden or unnecessary deductions in the gold ornament to obtain an accurate weight.

Scientific Purity Test

GoldMax uses Latest Scientific PURITY testing methods of selling gold jewellery to ensure that customers get the best value for their gold. With various modes of payment offered by Goldmax, you can avail of instant cash. It has branches in Chennai.

Documents Required to Sell Gold Jewellery

To sell your gold, you will require the following documents: