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  • Why Sell Gold for Cash at [about us}GOLDMAX?
  • 1. Our current, live daily gold buying price is shown on the {about us}Goldmax website. What you see is what we pay.
  • 2. Our knowledgeable staff members are certified in evaluating jewelry and provide correct pricing, making us one of the most dependable ISO certified Gold buyers in Chennai.
  • 3. We at GOLDMAX offer the best price—Cash for Gold—and conduct business morally with our clients.
  • 4. We encourage a simple, safe, and transparent approach in accordance with our policy.
  • 5. We Release pledge gold in banks. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees of any kind in our straightforward terms and conditions.
  • 6. Every transaction involving the purchase of gold jewellery , coin, is conducted securely, and safely.

Gold Max Trusted Name in Chennai

Suresh R
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“: with ESTABLISHED BRAND IN CHENNAI – Like to know the Highest Price or  resale value of your used Gold”​

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As a family run business we understands the importance of honesty

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Our pricing is live and updated every minute.
GENUINE:: What you see on our price list is what you get.

Security & privacy

SECURED:: Located in the heart of Chennai, Purasawalkam and VELACHERY

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