7 Things To Know While Selling 24K 999 Gold Coins

Gold is something that many Indians buy during festivals such as Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras . Other than jewellery, we buy physical gold in the form of bars and coins. Many prefer to buy gold coins over jewellery as the former can be bought in denominations low as 0.5 grams. When you are planning on selling gold coins here are 7 things that you must keep in mind.

1. Purity of gold coins

2. Hallmarking

3. Denominations

4. Packaging

5. Wastage charges

6. Options to Sell from

7. Ease of selling

To get the maximum output Check the above points before you sell and make a calculation based on that day price , then proceed to a reputed gold buyer . do keep in mind that , usually it is seen that gold coins or jewellery brought from one jeweller (let us say A) is sold to another jeweller (let’s say B) will fetch you a lower resale amount. “This is because jeweller B pays you only for the gold and not for making charges, wastage ,administrative fees, and profit margins that you have paid while buying from jeweller A,” also note that banks will not buy back those coins as per a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) directive.

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